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    About us

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    About us

    JLL MACHINING LIMITED is a high precision machining factory specializing in contract manufacturing high precision parts and assemblies for various industries such as electronics, telecommunications, constructions, mechanical products, motor sports service parts and consumer goods. We are headed by a group of people with many years’ experience of manufacturing and sales in this industry. We have served clients in China and many foreign countries such as USA, Canada, and France. As a contract manufacturer of high precision parts and assemblies based on customer designs, we have engineers and English-speaking people to work with our clients closely to help fulfill our customers’ tasks. Over the years, our efforts have been paid off as our business has been growing with our clients due to our excellent communication and superior quality of products and services. Working with us, you will find we are a reliable provider of high precision machining and contract manufacturing. We appreciate the partnership with all our clients. Together with our local cooperating and outsourcing partners, we strive to become a one-stop shopping destination for our clients.

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